Tax Law

«If you act violating rules you are fined; if you act by rule you are taxed»

Laurence Johnston Peter

Uncertainty of Ukrainian tax legislation, great number of collisions and variety of control methods applied by tax authorities very often lead to numerous tax disputes. In such circumstances correct tax accounting and internal tax compliance control are keys to effective tax planning and tax risks mitigation. Successful tax litigation practice allows us to offer Clients the most efficient (in terms of taxation) business models, which help to reduce tax burden on the Client’s company (group of companies). If the appeal to court against the tax authorities actions or decisions is the only way to restore Client’s violated rights and interests, our lawyers will develop appropriate strategy minimizing tax disputes impact.

The main services in this area include the following:

  • consulting on taxation, tax planning, tax risks assessment and tax risk management;
  • advising on application of international double taxation treaties, income repatriation issues, international financing, tax regimes in foreign jurisdictions and issues of currency regulation and control;
  • tax structuring (restructuring) of business or holding (if necessary, using foreign jurisdictions), tax structuring of M&A transactions;
  • representation of Clients’ interests in tax authorities, obtaining of individual tax clarifications and consultations for Clients;
  • legal support in the course of tax audits and appeals against tax authorities actions;
  • appeals against decisions of the tax authorities in administrative proceedings;
  • representation and protection of Clients’ interest in disputes with tax authorities at any stage of the court proceedings.