Subscription-Based Service

«On legal issues, do not appeal to common sense but to lawyers»

Honoré de Balzac

The number of companies interested in permanent (on-retainer) legal support of their business activity, record keeping, cooperation with contractors, “on-line” consulting, etc has increased tremendously during last years. Our cooperation here implies permanent receiving by a Client of a basic package of legal assistance related to its main business activity issues. LawWhales’ lawyers have long-term experience of complex legal support of huge companies and are able to solve different tasks taking into account the specifics of Client’s business.

We can offer the following services:

  • record keeping and documents storage;
  • drafting of internal documents (orders, instructions, minutes, provisions, etc.);
  • legal modeling of business processes;
  • contractual support of business, audit of contractual processes and documents;
  • consulting on operational activity issues;
  • legal project-management:
    • analysis of business projects compliance with legal requirements;
    • consulting on business projects optimization and adjustment;
    • legal support of business projects implementation;
  • preparation and filing of documents for obtaining (renewal, extension) of licences, permits, certificates, etc.