«The equality of rights lies not in being used by everyone but in being given to each»


Formality and bureaucracy of litigation procedures, gaps and controversies in procedural legislation led to the development of alternative ways for disputes resolution, which do not involve the state courts, and where each party of the dispute may obtain a sense of victory. Perfect knowledge of alternative disputes resolution mechanisms combined with effective negotiation skills help LawWhales’ lawyers successfully represent Clients at each stage of dispute resolution. However, nowadays litigation still remains the most common way to protect the rights and interests. Our litigation lawyers have extensive knowledge of material and procedural law, vast and successful trial experience in civil, economic, administrative and criminal cases at courts of all instances. Individual approach to each Client together with thorough analysis of every case is the keystone of successful disputes resolution and achievement of desired result.

The main services of LawWhales in the field of litigation and mediation include:

  • consulting on litigation risks issues in the course of agreements conclusion, counterparty’s court cases diagnostics and analysis;
  • pre-trial settlement of disputes;
  • mediation, participation in negotiations;
  • Client’s interests representation and litigation at arbitration courts;
  • preparation of legal opinions on litigation prospects and litigation strategies;
  • Client’s interests representing at courts of all specializations (civil, economic, administrative and criminal cases) and at any stage of the proceedings;
  • Client’s interests representation at the judgment execution stage.