Legal-Enforcement and Regulatory Bodies

«Facts are a stubborn thing, but not with good lawyers»

Leonid Sukhorukov

Any business entity carrying out its activity in Ukraine can’t avoid relations with law-enforcement, regulatory and other state authorities, as well as necessity to obtain permits and licenses in different areas of industry. Our cooperation with huge companies shows that clear determination of public authorities powers, knowledge of their specifics and methods, following the principle of non-intervention in lawful economic activity, ability to determine legal risks and, therefore, elaborate a proper strategy are crucial in relations with regulatory bodies. Our specialists will protect your business interests in relations with public institutions and provide legal support in obtainment of all necessary licenses.

We offer the following services:

  • consulting and business risks analysis in the course of preparation to regulatory and law-enforcement bodies inspections, providing of official responses to their inquiries;
  • legal support of regulatory and law-enforcement bodies inspections:
    • official correspondence on inspection issues;
    • identification of the subject matter of inspection;
    • analysis and structuring of documents concerning inspection;
    • legal support of inspection results formalization;
    • prompt reaction to unlawful actions and decisions of regulatory bodies in the course of inspection.
  • challenging of unlawful actions and decisions of regulatory bodies, their officials, representation of Clients’ interests in courts;
  • representation of Clients’ interests in relations with tax authorities, Security Service of Ukraine, Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine (including in criminal proceedings);
  • legal support of permits and licenses obtainment.