Customs Law

“A border is an imaginary line between two nations, separating
the imaginary rights of one from the imaginary rights of the other”

Ambrose Bierce

World practice of business has showed that international economic cooperation extends opportunities of any company, strengthens its position at the market, ensures rapid growth and development. In most cases such cooperation is associated with movement of goods across borders, customs formalities, transportation documents execution, interaction with customs authorities and other special governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Our experts will provide legal support of international trade, in particular, we can offer the following services

  • consulting on compliance with customs laws, regulations on goods customs clearance, payment of customs charges, etc.;
  • contractual work connected with international trade, including:
    • elaboration of relevant contractual support policies (including tax planning);
    • drafting and analysis of trade agreements, invoices, specifications etc;
    • legal support of negotiations, conclusion and performance of trade agreements;
    • consulting on contractual aspects of international economic activity;
  • representation of Clients’ interests at customs authorities, Chambers of commerce and other bodies and organizations regulating or supporting international trade;
  • drafting and filing of documents in order to obtain necessary permits, licenses, certificates and other approvals relating to the movement of goods and services across borders;
  • consulting on customs valuation and customs duties calculation;
  • legal assistance for VAT reimbursement and overpaid duty recovery;
  • appeals against decisions, actions or omissions of customs authorities, organizations and their officials;
  • disputes resolution in the sphere of international trade.